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Writer, copy editor, and educator who finds joy in reading, writing, and thinking along life’s trails

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Martha Stoddard is a Central Texas writer and teacher truly inspired by nature and science.

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Martha Stoddard

Martha Stoddard is an experienced writer, educator, and instructional specialist. Years of teaching experiences investigating science and history topics enhance her nonfiction writing.

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A Storytime about Turtles Lesson Plan
Reproduced by permission from the author, Anne K. Moser, Come Out of Your Shell: A Storytime About Turtles (Madison, WI: Wisconsin Water Library, University of Wisconsin-Madison, April 2020.)

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To Martha,

Your grandmother thought you might enjoy this little book. She also told me that you are an aspiring writer. Read the story on page 51 and get to work.
--from a book signing by a hill country news writer and editor.
December, 1983


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Martha uses hearing authors speak and studying their books to understand the writing process and practice a read it/write it/think it learning approach.

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