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Colorado mountain view
When you look at this photo or one of your own,
what sights, sensory details, or stories do you think about?


On Thursday, July 29, we will drive to Colorado to stay at the Mountain View Motor Inn. We are scheduled to drive back home on Monday, August 2, after a train ride, chats with relatives, and seeing local museums.

Our narrow gauge train ride yesterday to nearby amazing mountains was from 10:00 a.m. until 4:40 p.m. Fun and interesting passengers and a great lunch stop. We were amazed by the views from rolling land up through ever higher elevations, steep canyons, through lovely trees and boulders, an elk sighting, to nearby mountain tops and back again. Now relaxing and taking naps!

Dave and I drove for breakfast to R’s and C’s deep-in-the-woods house which has views of the white-topped peaks we saw from the train yesterday. I am on the porch enjoying cool, soft-sounding wind in many pine trees in this unsettled, remote, rugged, and beautifully wild place.

Seeing family, the ride on the narrow gauge train, and spectacular views of mountains 10,000+ feet high and drop-off canyons are special vacation memories.



From text messages on the author’s iPhone:

I sat for several minutes thinking how I might help readers see in this photo many things that are found in Colorado. Dave and I had been to Colorado before when he played his trombone with a band at the Evergreen Jazz Festival. There I had been fascinated with mountains 14,000 feet tall in the distance.

Our current trip involved seeing our family members after two years, so it was most meaningful. I took this photo from a front porch to capture the tall, cloud-covered peaks in the distance. This scene will also remind me of my brother’s story of a brown bear which sometimes comes near the house to find food. Yikes! Perhaps the barking of the two old dogs frightens it away.

Dave is a train guy, and we really liked the narrow gauge steam engine train ride. I was bounced around during the ride back down the mountain as train cars bumped into each other. Ouch!

Not only are my brother and his wife great cooks, they are both artistically and musically gifted and belong to a trio which plays guitar and sings for parties, dinners, and community events.

We had all been vaccinated for COVID. Our outdoor social distancing was sitting in front porch chairs! Whenever I look at this photograph, I will smile about the puns and jokes that made us all laugh, foods prepared the way our grandmother did, what kept family members busy back home, and when we all might make this trip again.

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